WSIS knows that you expect only the highest quality, and we deliver it. We strive at all times to deliver high quality while continuing to measure our effectiveness, improve our services accordingly, and make our customers happy, which is a main ingredient of SOP. We utilize a variety of quality assurance procedures and programs. Depending on the project, these procedures and programs include.
Formal Quality Inspection – including graded periodic audits by our Field Operations managers and Director of Client Development.
Hot Spot Inspection – daily reviews of critical areas.
Customer/Key Contact Surveys – giving you and your company’s employees the opportunity to rate our performance.
“Green/Yellow/Red” Status Reports – real and perceived quality is evaluated in accordance with standard operating and facility-specific procedures, resulting in green/yellow/red status with corresponding action items.
Team Scheduling – a work order system that schedules all contracted non-daily tasks assures completion and provides documentation.
Standardized Work Area Organization – all equipment is categorized and labeled and all signage and barricades are properly displayed to promote efficiency and safety in every work area.
The 5S Approach – we reinforce quality assurance by using 5S principles that help us apply standardization and organization tools to minimize risks and maximize efficiency.
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) / Quality Control :
Because quality is a number one commitment at WSIS, we employ Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and meticulous quality control programs, designed to ensure the highest level of service to our customers with no forgotten steps.
In fact, WSIS is known throughout the industry for these exemplary standards, which help us to exceed customer expectations on each and every job.We believe so strongly in SOPs that a proportion of our manager’s annual incentives are based on compliance with them.
Following is an overview on our standards and procedures, to help you understand how we work with you. All of these procedures are grounded in solutions-based management to help deliver the best possible service.

WSIS’s SOPs include :
  • Site examinations
  • Quality measurement systems
  • Develop site-specific procedures manual
  • Safety procedures
  • Job startup sheets
  • Automated labor tracking
  • Work schedules
  • Equipment & tool maintenance checklist
  • Customer communications guidelines