While you are in full control of managing our personnel and setting their schedules, we offer support by assigning a WSIS manager to work with you on-site. The manager ensures that our staff is carrying out your requirements properly.

We also help you optimize your work flow and create more efficient processes with out solutions-based management methodology. With this methodology, we help you utilize your in-house resources to their best ability while putting efficient supplemental staffing strategies in place.
Setup and needs assessment :
All the beginning of every supplemental labor assignment, we consult with you to evaluate your requirements. Job setup follows these consistent steps, so we can ensure your needs are met.
Identify the scope of the project.
Identify your requirements and expectations, including any safety requirements.
Assemble the appropriate people (both staff and management).
Assemble proper materials and equipment if applicable.
Develop a job description.
Train staff according to skill level needed.
Establish communication methods and reporting procedures between the client and the team.
Conduct continuous training and follow-up to ensure a job well done.
Working with your :
Our staffing solutions wok because we work with you to provide trained resources for flexible solutions. To meet you needs. We employ a variety of customer service tools and practices including flexible staffing (including any shift and weekend hours), on-site WSIS managers, a customer service phone line, a 24-hour cell communication system and value analysis programs.